Digital Data Assist

Digital Data Assist (DDA) is a comprehensive multi-user software package designed to form a practical, simple and user-friendly business solution for hospitality and retail establishments.

The package is designed to assist the full range of activities on a day-to-day basis from reservations to orders, purchases and reports.

DDA products is available in Hospitality and Retail Editions.

DDA Retail Edition

DDA Retail Edition is a comprehensive software package for day-to-day business activities, from stock control, customer, supplier, account receivable, account payable, and various reporting tools to provide a clear business analysis.

Process a sale in 3 simple steps:

  1. Scan items or choose from the list on screen
  2. Choose payment method
  3. Enter amount tendered

Lay-bys, invoices, estimation (quotation), gift vouchers, sales order and customer special orders can be processed in a similar process above.

Serve several customers at the same time. You don’t have to wait a transaction process is done before proceed with the next one.

– Support serial number controls for business which provide warranty.

– Create your own product labels and shelf labels

– Stocktake will be fast and simple with support for Portable Data Entry (PDE) units and stock tracking software.

– Monitor the entire history of order prices and supplier stock details as well as the association of a supplier to a product, and manages the complete control of supplier invoices

– All sales report can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF program

– View Sales by Date range, including product item sales, hourly sales, staff sales performance, product trends report

DDA Hospitality Edition

Digital Data Assist (DDA) Hospitality Edition is a reliable cost-effective point of sale software and comprehensive business management software for Hospitality industry.

Dedicated for restaurants, cafes, multi stores, takeaway shops, deli, grocery, fruit and veggies and all other related outlets, businesses can benefit from the fast response, ease of use and accuracy offered by DDA, which helps businesses to increase profit and maximise customer experience.

  • Easy to setup and configure item descriptions and prices through Menu Setup function.
  • Set up prompts and pop-up windows to make sure operators offer the right choices for each product. 
  • Program each product with up to four prices/ sizes from which the user can select via a pop up window.
  • Change your tables into any size, shape or location.
  • Happy hours feature allows the price to be automatically shifted during a certain period of time .
  • Selectable job list printing allows waiters to control the printing sequence of your entrée, main course and dessert. Plates will always arrive on time.
  • Eliminate paper dockets in the kitchen with our easy to use kitchen touch screen option.
  • Automatically link each product to condiments, sides, cooking instructions to take the guess work out for your staff.
  • Powerful reservation features with seat number reminder gives you the most flexibility to allocate your seat to your customers.
  • User manager function ensures your employees only access their own authorized functions.
  • Monitor each transaction with an enforced password or swipe card entry.
  • Void, discount and cash payout operations are recorded in electronic reports for comprehensive audit tracking.
Phone order module records and tracks your customer’s details, delivery due time and driver’s assignments.

  • A powerful PC Caller ID machine can support up to eight phone lines at any instance.
  • Strong customer database maintains all your customer details as well as theirs orders and habits so when next time they ring up, your system will automatically pop-up his/her details and reduces your time to input the same details again and again.
  • Keep track of your deliveries and have full control of your cash flow.
  • Supports programming of two languages per product (English, Italian, Greek Chinese, Thai and many others).
  • Print your own language in the kitchen. The language switch button allows you to change the display language any time.
  • Minimise the time you spend stocktaking, balancing tills, recording sales transactions, transferring stock and changing prices.
  • Extensive reporting gives an instant view of your business.


  • Daily or period sales report capability.
  • Account payable and receivable reports.
  • Individual clerk report.
  • Shift report.
  • Employee attendance report.
  • Sales void/discount report.
  • Cash payout report.
  • Stock report.
  • Stock purchase and expense management report.
  • Business activity statement.
  • Sales summery report presents the popularity of your products.
  • Sales statistic chart analyses the average sales amount during a given period of time.
  • Supports up to eight printers, price displays, barcode scanners and weighting scales for each of your premises.
  • Link multiple premises together with a powerful remote back office which provides a comprehensive auditing and tracking environment for franchise establishments.
  • A PC integrated EFTPOS machine can link your EFTPOS transactions to most major banks Australia wide.
  • The LCD advertising display provide you with a 24 hours non stop demonstration of your specials and newly arrival products.
  • WiFi allows you to move your touch terminals anywhere with no messy cabling.

Link all your stores together with a powerful remote back-office which provides a comprehensive auditing and tracking environment for franchise establishment.

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