Operate faster with reliable POS

Our POS solution for coffee shops is tailored to be simple to operate for staff, while allowing service and kitchen workflows to be flexible to the cafe’s exact needs.
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Take orders from anywhere

There’s always room to expand. Op-tech has all the food ordering tools for cafes of any size.

Comprehensive loyalty program

Collect customer details and turn them into loyal customers to drive sustainable sales.

Powerful analytics

Access performance reports and insights in real-time. Find out information gems from bestseller items to highest performing staff.

Op-tech for cafe no more wrong orders

Avoid mistakes while improving customer experience

Extra shot, types of milk, extra hot, and all these order modifications can slow down operation workflows. Op-tech can help you to easily handle product modifications in just a few taps.
  • POS system with almost zero learning

  • Fits into all business flow and models

  • Apply price or discount on modifiers as needed

Cloud-based or hybrid

Never lose your sales. All functions work as usual even when the internet isn’t working.

Work on-the-go

Everything can be accessed from a smart device. Your business follows you.

Multiple systems all in one

Inventory payment terminals, accounting, staff management, loyalty programs, all in one place.

Intelligent reporting

Track your coffee shop’s performance, see which product sells the most. Get detailed POS reports and insights on your business.

  • Real-time reports on sales and peak/off-peak traffic
  • Create customer data from multiple touchpoints

Integrated loyalty programs & memberships

Use customer data to identify your most loyal customers and encourage lifelong loyalty.

  • Mobile loyalty program that can be tailored to businesses of any size – multiple store locations, franchises, or multi-nationals

  • Build relationship with  your customers and create targeted marketing campaigns

Contactless online ordering

Implement contactless ordering and payments for pre-order, delivery and takeaway.

  • QR code table ordering
  • Booking system

Measures to avoid theft

Maintain an optimum working environment while tracking to spot any irregularities in your order and supply quickly.

  • Staff password login & smart cards
  • Detailed staff log record

  • Multi-level authorisation password
  • Inventory management

Hardware to suit your cafe style

Reduce the time it takes to complete transactions with the right equipment and serve more guests at peak hours.

  • Customer-facing terminals
  • Bring your own hardware or buy new
  • Option to have additional screens for kitchen

  • Endless choice of user-friendly hardware that are efficient and reliable

Handle payments quickly

Ensure your POS system is always ready to take payments swiftly and easily, be it cash, credit card or split bills.

  • Quickly take payments at the counter, at the table or online ordering websites
  • Easily issue receipts through email or print
  • Cut waiting times without jeopardising service


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