Digital Data Assist (DDA) Hospitality Edition is a reliable cost effective point of sale (POS) software and comprehensive business management software for Hospitality industry.

Dedicated for restaurants, cafes, multi stores, takeaway shops, deli, grocery, fruit & veggie and all other related outlets, businesses can benefit from the fast response, ease of use and accuracy offered by DDA, which helps businesses to increase profit and enhance customer satisfaction.

Easy to Learn
– Process a sale in 3 simple steps:

  1. Scan items or Choose from the list on screen
  2. Choose Payment method
  3. Enter amount tendered

– Similar with the above process applied for lay-bys, invoices, estimation (quotation), gift vouchers, sales order and customer special orders

– Serve several customers at the same time. You don’t have to wait a transaction process is done before proceed with the next one.

Stock Management
– Support serial number controls for business which provide warranty.

– Create your own product labels and shelf labels

– Stock Take will be fast and simple with support for Portable Data Entry (PDE) units and stock tracking software.

Customer Loyalty
– Store customer information which include customer’s credit limit and terms, accumulated loyalty point.

Back Office & Reporting Tool

– Daily or period sales report

– Account payable and receivable report

– Individual clerk report

– Shift Report

– Employee attendance report

– Sales void/discount report

– Cash Payout report

– Stock report

– Stock purchase and expense management report

– Business activity statement

– Sales summary report to show the popularity of each products

– Sales statistic chart analyses the average sales amount during a given period of time